The International Pencak SIlat Federation (PERSILAT) was founded in Jakarta on 11 March 1980. It is the only international organization of Pencak Silat in the world.
The principles of PERSILAT encompass brotherhood, family spirit, unity, honouring one another and non-discrimination against nationality and religion.
PERSILAT aims to make Pencak Silat an attractive and interesting sport throughout the world.

PERSILAT Constitution
• To discover, maintain, preserve, develop, and promote Pencak Silat and its values throughout the world as a high valued Nusantara cultural heritage which has the aspects of mental spiritual, self-defence, art and sports united in one.
• To build, develop, unite and harmonise various activities among Pencak Silat organization in various countries.
• To make Pencak Silat as a means to build noble character, chivalry, integrity and modesty be responsible to materialized brotherhood, peace, unity and friendship among nations as well as the maintain world peace.

To promote Pencak Silat as a world art and universal sport that can be practiced by every individual regardless of age, race and gender.

Is to establish Pencak Silat as competing/official sporta at major games such as Asian Games, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

• We emphasise the spirit of unity, brotherhood and peace via Pencak Silat.
• We strive to uphold Pencak Silat and make it relevant in the world we live in today.
• We pledge to preserve the traditional form of Pencak Silat and treat it with respect.

We work towards realizing our vision and goals by sticking religiously to the following 2 core strategies.
• Opening up the channels of communication to all Pencak Silat clubs and organizations in the Pencak Silat Fraternity to ensure uniformity in thought and spirit.
• Concientiously upgrading the knowledge and skill of all Pencak Silat practitioners to achieve the same standard across the world.

We stand in unity and we win in dignity.