Apsif Logo


The logo of the Federation will be a rope tight in a knot. The rope itself is never strong if it only consists of a strand. It is much stronger when as many strands of high quality materials bind together. In the APSIF context, the strong bonding of the Asian Countries forming the Asian Pencak Silat Federation shall be its main asset. Bind together in true brotherhood, the Federation embarks to a journey of bringing Pencak Silat to a higher heights of Competition level. Ultimately, the rope represents UNITY, COHESION and STRENGTH.

The coloured strands are colours of all the Asian countries flags. Each Asian country’s flag consist of the colours in the logo. The black coloured “Keris” in the logo, represents the Pencak Silat identity, where mainly and majority of the exponents wear black attire and the Traditional Weapon, is “Keris”.

The knot represents the dead lock of Pencak Silat style where if not used in proper and ethical manner will end in disaster and create messy situation. However, the knot, if used in proper manner and ethical, can be used to a good deed in helping to prevent the breaking up of brotherhood.

The red sun behind the logo sets as a continuous fire for the passion and love of Pencak Silat and the raring need for the development of the Pencak Silat.

The Logo is the sole property of the APSIF and a registered trade mark of the Federation. It can be used in full or in part as per the requirement, with the prior approval of the Life President APSIF.

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